The Brom Podcast

The Brom Podcast covers the emerging psychedelics industry from a business, investing and social impact perspective.  Episodes feature Empath's Founder, Brom Rector interviewing psychedelic CEOs, scientists, investors, and other change-makers operating in the weird, wonderful world of psychedelic medicine.

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Founder of the AI Responsibility Lab, Ramsay Brown on AI Safety, AI Coworkers & ChatGPT doing DMT
India Oxenberg, NXIVM Cult Survivor - Psychedelics for Cult Deprogramming & Healing Sexual Trauma
William Padilla-Brown - Cultivating Cordyceps, Analyzing Algae & the endless Mystery of Mushrooms
How Psychedelic VCs do Due Diligence on Potential Investments - Sam Tabone, Empath Ventures
Psychedelics, Connection and Sex with Dr. Molly Maloof
Selling Psilocybin Mushrooms Online with the Founder of Schedule35
Rebecca Nicholson - Investing in Psychedelic Retreats, Tripping with Amanda Feilding and the Importance of Female Representation in Psychedelics
Zach Haigney, Author of The Trip Report - Future Trends in the Psychedelics Industry
Sam Banister - The Art and Science of Designing Novel Psychedelic Compounds
Patrick Moher of - Psychedelics at Davos, Mike Tyson, and Wonderland Miami 2022
 Music For Psychedelic Therapy - Mendel Kaelen, Founder and CEO of Wavepaths
Jesse Hudson - Making Kene Huaste mainstream and using Web3 to protect Indigenous Wisdom
Joe Moore, Co-Founder & CEO of Psychedelics Today - Hot Topics and Controversies in Psychedelics
Tom Feegel, CEO of Beond - Ending the Opiate Addiction Epidemic with Safe Ibogaine Treatment
Mycrodose Therapeutics Round 2:  Kavalactones, Joint Venture with Thorne, Series A and more!
Dillan DiNardo - CEO of Mindstate Design Labs | Creating Novel Psychedelic States at Y Combinator
Juan Pablo Cappello - CEO of Nue Life
Quantified Citizen - Eesmyal Santos-Brault & Dr. Pamela Kryskow
Nadia van der Heyden - Psygen
10 Psychedelic Startup Ideas | Request for Psychedelic Startups
Mycrodose Therapeutics - Advanced Delivery Systems for Ketamine, Psilocybin and other Psychedelics
Todd Shapiro, CEO of Red Light Holland - Recreational Shrooms, Psychedelic VR & the Wisdom Truffle
Virtual Reality and the Future of Psychedelics - Lyle Maxson of Entheo Digital
Psychedelic Venture Capital - Interview with Ken Belotsky and Stuart Seidman of Negev Capital
How Mindbloom delivers Ketamine to your Door!  Jack Swain on running a Psychedelics Startup
Paul Kohlhaas of Molecule & VitaDAO - how Crypto, NFTs, & DAOs can fund Longevity and Psychedelics
Bruce Linton on MindMed Insider Selling & JR Leaving + Stock Promotion in Psychedelics + RLHs Future
Ian McDonald & Gideon Shapiro of Bright Minds Bio. Is Psilocybin Dangerous? What is a 5HT2C Agonist?
Josh Bartch, CEO of Mydecine - Psilocybin for Smoking Cessation & PTSD, Nasdaq Uplisting and More!
Psychedelic Therapy FAQ - What is Psychedelic Therapy + 3 Most Compelling Psychedelic Studies | #15
Psychedelic Investing FAQ - An Overview of The Emerging Psychedelics Industry
Cybin CEO Doug Drysdale: Sublingual Psilocybin, Next-Gen Psychedelics & Brain Imaging Technology
JR & Bruce Linton Selling MindMed Shares - How I See It and What I Did
Interview: Ronan Levy of Field Trip Health - Psychedelic Clinics, Novel Molecules & Field Trip Stock
11:  ATAI Life Sciences Deep Dive - IPO, Pipeline, Corporate Structure & Psilocybin Tattoos
Shroom Stock Research: 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Psychedelic Stocks like MindMed and Compass
9:  This Is Your Brain On MindMed - The Trading Psychology of Meme Stocks, Bubbles, Wins and Losses
8: Cybin Deep Dive - Psychedelics 2.0, a Real Pharma CEO, Twists on DMT, and Mushroom Supplements?
7:  Compass Pathways Deep Dive - Patents, Peter Thiel and the Quest for Psychedelic Monopoly
6: Psychedelic Market Cap Projections - Napkin Math, Monte-Carlo and how Best to Invest
5: Numinus Wellness DeepDive.  Sleeping Giant or Spread Too Thin?
4: MindMed Deep Dive PART 2 - HealthMode Acquisition and other follow-up
3: MindMed Deep Dive.  JR Rahn, LSD, Nasdaq Uplisting, Pump and Dump or To the Moon?
2: the future of psychedelics