11: ATAI Life Sciences Deep Dive - IPO, Pipeline, Corporate Structure & Psilocybin Tattoos

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🍄 Atai Life Sciences is the most highly anticipated psychedelic IPO of 2021.  It has a pipeline of 10 drugs, owns a large piece of Compass Pathways, and is also researching digital therapeutics and brain computer interfaces.  When it IPO's it will likely be the psychedelic company with the largest market cap.  In this episode of Brom Talks, we peek behind the curtain of Atai, and try to see if this valuation is justified.  In doing so, we answer questions like:

Who is Christian Angermayer?  What does Atai's pipeline look like?  What are the implications of Atai's unorthodox corporate structure?  It is even fair to call Atai a psychedelics company?  And we also compare and contrast this company with MindMed.  

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⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 - intro
3:15 - disclaimer & housekeeping
5:30 - Christian Angermayer
17:00 - Atai Corporate Structure
28:30 - Atai Drug Pipeline - is atai a psychedelic stock?
54:00 - Atai Digital Therapeutics & Enabling Technologies
1:03:00 - FDA Approval isn't enough?
1:07:00 - The challenges of digital therapeutics
1:09:30 - Competition
1:12:00 - Closing Thoughts