3: MindMed Deep Dive. JR Rahn, LSD, Nasdaq Uplisting, Pump and Dump or To the Moon?

Many of us have already 10x'd our money on MindMedicine (MMED / MMEDF):  should we take our profits now or hold for the next 10 years? Brom dives deep into this topic and looks at questions like:

Will the Nasdaq uplisting happen?
Is MindMed's drug development pipeline strong?
Why is MindMed associated with sketchy pump and dump groups like Departures Capital and Market Jar Media?
Do they have a way to capitalize on their research?
WTF is Kevin O'Leary doing in a drug company?
Why did JR Rahn sell his shares?
Does MindMed Founder and CEO JR Rahn have the right qualifications?
Is MindMed's team a winning team?

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0:00 - intro
3:50 - disclaimer
5:45 - sector overview
9:30 - Mind Medicine
9:50 - JR Rahn - Founder / CEO of MindMed - is he qualified?
16:15 - MindMed team
18:00 - MindMed drug pipeline
27:00 - but can they make money?
33:00 - MindMed sketchy stuff
33:30 - Kevin O'Leary
36:00 - MindJar Media, Departures Capital and Pump and Dump schemes
42:15 - is JR more like Elon Musk or Trevor Milton?
43:00 - why did JR sell his shares?
46:00 - NASDAQ uplisting & WallStreetBets hype
49:30 - conclusion