5: Numinus Wellness DeepDive. Sleeping Giant or Spread Too Thin?

🍄 Numinus Wellness (also known as Numi) is a Canadian Psychedelic startup that many people think is undervalued.  Well, is it?  Today we dive deep into Numinus Wellness and try to answer this question, as well as questions like:

-   Who is Numi's team?
-   Is Numi's natural psilocybin superior to synthetic psilocybin?
-   Does Numi's narcotics dealer license give it a real competitive advantage?
-   What's the deal with Numi's MAPS collaboration?
-   Can Numi (or any other company) make money running psychedelic clinics?
-   Why is Numi's market cap so low compared to the leading psychedelic companies?
-   How does Numi compare to companies like Compass Pathways and MindMedicine?
-   And much more

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Disclosure:  I own 4,900 shares of Numi.  I also own shares in other psychedelic companies.

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0:00 - Intro
1:15 - Shoutout to r/shroomstocks
2:00 - Disclaimers
4:00 - The psychedelic sector
5:00 - Founder / CEO of Numi:  Payton Nyquvest
6:30 - Payton's ayahuasca experience that inspires him to create Numi
8:00 - Payton Nyquvest & JR Rahn both share powerful psychedelic testimonies
9:30 - Payton Nyquvest's father:  Shayne Nyquvest & Canaccord Genuity
12:00 - Payton VS JR:  who's the better hype-man?
13:30 - Numi CoFounder / CSO Stacey Wallin
14:45 - Has Payton sold shares?
15:20 - The founding of Numi:  Salvation Botanicals & Rojo Resources
16:30 - What's the deal with Canadian Mining Reverse Take-Overs?
19:00 - Numi's Medical Mastermind:  Dr. Evan Wood, PHD
20:15 - The one weird thing about Evan Wood's position at Numi
24:30 - Gabor Mate & Numi
25:30 - What's the deal with advisory boards?
30:30 - Numi Bioscience:  License, Revenues and Cannabis
32:30 - Is a narcotics dealer license a competitive advantage?
34:00 - What's the deal with Psilocybin Extract?
35:30 - Is the entourage effect real?
CORRECTION  - entourage effect was NOT invented by Sidarta Ribeiro, although he did write the paper that I discussed
38:00 - Synthetic vs Natural
39:45 - Is psilocybin extraction protectable?
42:00 - Numinus Health and MindSpace Clinics
44:45 - How can clinics differentiate?
48:45 - Numi R&D:  MAPS collab
53:30 - Other R&D
54:45 - Why is Numi's marketcap so low?
59:45 - Financials
1:01:30 - Should you buy Numi?
1:02:45 - What should we look for in the future?
1:05:00 - Conclusion and Thanks  

Disclaimer:  This is not financial advice.  You should not make any investment decision or decide to buy, sell, short or hold any stock based on this video.  While Brom is a CFA Charterholder who has worked at multiple hedge funds, he has never focused professionally on analyzing individual stocks, much less Canadian biotech penny stocks, so you should not consider anything in this video to be professional advice.