6: Psychedelic Market Cap Projections - Napkin Math, Monte-Carlo and how Best to Invest

What is the true market cap potential for the medicinal psychedelic industry, and what's the best way to ride the shroom boom and invest in the psychedelic sector?  I show three different market cap estimates, discuss various pitfalls and caveats, and give my thoughts on how best to invest in this space.  

Audio only version available on Spotify and other podcast platforms:  https://anchor.fm/bromtalks/episodes/6-Psychedelic-Market-Cap-Projections---Napkin-Math--Monte-Carlo-and-how-Best-to-Invest-eslkqh

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0:00 - intro
0:30 - disclaimer
1:00 - psychedelic market cap estimate 1:  bottom up
7:15 - psychedelic market cap estimate 2:  top down
8:45 - psychedelic market cap estimate 3:  3rd party analysts
10:00 - monte-carlo estimation
12:30 - caveats
12:45 - clinical trial risk
13:15 - one-time vs recurring revenue risk
14:45 - self administration risk
15:50 - recreational risk
17:00 - big pharma risk
17:30 - privco risk
18:00 - how do we ride the psychedelic wave?
19:00 - can you pick the winner?
20:30 - a message to the n00bs
23:00 - wrap up

Disclaimer:  This is not financial advice.  You should not make any investment decision or decide to buy, sell, short or hold any stock based on this video.  While Brom is a CFA Charterholder who has worked at multiple hedge funds, he has never focused professionally on analyzing individual stocks, much less Canadian biotech penny stocks, so you should not consider anything in this video to be professional advice.