7: Compass Pathways Deep Dive - Patents, Peter Thiel and the Quest for Psychedelic Monopoly

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🍄 Compass Pathways is the largest psychedelic stock by market cap, and was famously backed by Paypal and Palantir Founder Peter Thiel.  In this episode I investigate Compass Pathways and answer questions like:

- What does Compass Pathway's FDA therapy designation mean for their future?
- What does Peter Thiel want to do with psychedelics?
- What's the deal with Compass Pathways patent strategy?  Can you really patent soft furniture, dark rooms and cool music?
- What's Compass Pathway's beef with Dr. Bronners Soap?
- Who wins in the battle between Compass Pathways and Non-Profits
- What are the risks to Compass Pathway's business?
- And of course the ultimate question for investors:  is Compass Pathways a Buy?

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Vice article about Compass Pathways:

Dr. Bronner's Letter:

Berenberg analyst Esther Hong's predictions for Compass Pathways Pricing:


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0:00 - intro
1:45 - disclaimer and disclosure
2:45 - compass pathways founding and team
7:00 - Ekaterina Malievskaia MD
7:50 - George Goldsmith - Compass Pathways CEO
9:00 - Founder Ownership
10:30 - Do Founders need Psychedelic Experience?
11:15 - Lars Christian Wilde
13:30 - Piers Morgan - Compass Pathways CFO
14:15 - Marco Mohwinckel - Compass Pathways CCO
15:00 - Nate Poulsen - Compass Pathway
16:30 - Peter Thiel, Compass Pathways, Monopolies
20:30 - Compass Pathways Strategy
22:30 - FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation and Treatment Resistant Depression
25:45 - Who else got breakthrough designation?
29:30 - What is Comp360?
33:15 - What are Compass Pathway's Risks?
36:00 - The competition of legalization
39:00 - Patent and concern trolling
42:00 - Dr Bronner's
45:00 - Patents
52:00 - MDNA - Clinics, Insurance and Pricing
1:00:00 - Conclusion:  Should we buy Compass Pathways?

Disclaimer: This recording is not financial advice.  You should not make any investment or trading decision based on the contents of this recording.  Do not consider anything in this video to be professional advice.  Brom holds long positions in Compass Pathways as well as other psychedelic stocks.