8: Cybin Deep Dive - Psychedelics 2.0, a Real Pharma CEO, Twists on DMT, and Mushroom Supplements?

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🍄 Cybin Corp / Cybin Inc is a Psychedelics 2.0 company focused on new innovations in psychedelic drugs.  In this episode of Brom Talks, we investigate the Cybin team, go over their business lines, see what sets them apart from other psychedelic companies like MindMed and Compass.  

We also answer questions like:
What's the point of sublingual psilocybin?
What is a deuterated tryptamine?
What is a phenethylamine derivative?
Why is Cybin making "functional mushroom" (Lions Mane & Turkey Tail) supplements?
And of course, the ultimate question for psychedelic investors:  Is Cybin a good investment?

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0:00 - intro
0:30 - upcoming ama / ask me to rate your portfolio
3:30 - spotify, podcasts, clips channel
4:15 - disclaimer
5:00 - Cybin's Team
7:00 - Cybin CEO: Doug Drysdale
13:00 - Cybin's 3 cofounders:  Paul Glavine, Eric So (Riot Blockchain), John Kanakis
22:30 - Alex Belser and the rest of the Cybin Team
26:30 - Advisor Dennis Mckenna
32:30 - Psychedelics 2.0 and Cybin's business  
35:00 - Sublingual Psilocybin
41:30 - Deuterated Tryptamine
46:00 - Phenethylamine Derivatives
51:00 - what's the point of psychedelics 2.0?
54:00 - Cybin is making a line of mushroom supplements?
58:30 - Cybin's tech platform
1:03:00 - Kernel
1:07:00 - Wrap up:  the good and bad of Cybin, what to watch for in the future & should we buy Cybin?

Disclaimer: This presentation is not financial advice.  You should not make any investment or trading decision based on the contents of this presentation.  Do not consider anything in this presentation to be professional advice.  Brom holds long positions in Cybin as well as other psychedelic stocks.