Bruce Linton on MindMed Insider Selling & JR Leaving + Stock Promotion in Psychedelics + RLHs Future

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Bruce Linton is a legend in the cannabis and psychedelics industries.  He was the CEO of the world's largest cannabis company (Canopy Growth), was the first investor in MindMed, and is Chairman of the Advisory Board at Red Light Holland.

Bruce joins The Integration Conversation to answer questions like:

- Why did Bruce Linton sell shares in MindMed?
- Why did JR leave MindMed?
- What's the difference between paid promotion & pump and dumps?
- Are psychedelics just cannabis 2.0?

And more!

Plus, Brom and Bruce talk about Empath Ventures.

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⏰ Timestamps:
6:00 - Similarities between cannabis & psychedelics
19:30 - What does Bruce think about paid promotion in psychedelics stocks?
24:00 - bruce talks about selling shares in MinedMed
27:30 - Why did JR leave MindMed?