Cybin CEO Doug Drysdale: Sublingual Psilocybin, Next-Gen Psychedelics & Brain Imaging Technology

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🍄 Doug Drysdale is the CEO of Cybin, a psychedelic research company developing novel delivery systems for psilocybin, next-gen psychedelic tryptamine molecules and performing studies on human brains under the influence of psychedelics using powerful brain imaging technology. In this episode of the Integration Conversation, Brom and Doug cover all aspects of Cybin's business, and answer questions like:

- Why is Cybin's sublingual psilocybin potentially superior to offerings from Compass Pathways and Usona?
- How might deuterated tryptamines provide a superior psychedelic experience compared to classic psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD?
- Why is Cybin's partnership with brain imaging company Kernel so powerful?
- and the ultimate question for investors: is Cybin undervalued?

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⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 - intro / disclaimer / disclosures
4:20 - Cybin overview / Doug background
8:50 - What are the differences between traditional pharma & psychedelic pharma?
11:30 - How will Cybin deliver its drugs?  Clinics?  
13:00 - Cybin's sublingual psilocybin
15:45 - Is sublingual psilocybin as effective as normal psilocybin?
17:00 - More on Cybin and clinics
18:30 - is psychedelic decriminalization a threat to psychedelic pharma?
20:30 - Doug Drysdale on Compass Pathway's patents
22:00 - Cybin's Deuterated Tryptamines
24:30 - How does Cybin choose which drug will work for a given indication?
27:30 - What makes deuterated tryptamines different?
29:30 - Is reducing the hallucinogenic effect of psychedelics desirable?
32:00 - Cybin's inhalation and ODT delivery methods?
33:33 - Cybin's partnership with Kernel
40:00 - What are Cybin's upcoming catalysts?
42:00 - Is Cybin undervalued?
44:45 - Why is most psychedelic research being done by small startup companies?
47:00 - Is the psychedelic space overcrowded?
50:00 - Post-Interview analysis

Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice. Brom holds shares in Cybin, Field Trip Health, Mind Med, Cybin and Compass Pathways.