Elliot Marseille - UC Berkeley Healthcare Economist on the Economic Viability of Psychedelic Therapy

Will MDMA and psychedelic therapy be affordable?

There are lots of questions about the economic and financial future of psychedelic therapies. How much will they cost? Will insurance cover them? And more fundamentally, how does one even begin to quantify the value of a psychedelic experience?

Today’s guest, Elliot Marseille, PhD is here to explore all these questions and more.

Dr. Marseille is a leading expert on the economics of the emerging psychedelic-assisted therapies. He is the founding Director of the UC Berkeley's Global Initiative for Psychedelic Science Economics (GIPSE), a network of health economists and health services researchers dedicated to realizing the potential of psychedelic therapies for high-priority mental health conditions. Through the application of policy-relevant economic analyses, GIPSE seeks to enhance the efficiency of service delivery, and increase access to these promising therapies.

Follow Dr. Marseille's work: https://cghdde.berkeley.edu/projects/global-initiative-psychedelic-science-economics-gipse

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