Ian McDonald & Gideon Shapiro of Bright Minds Bio. Is Psilocybin Dangerous? What is a 5HT2C Agonist?

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🍄 Bright Minds Bio is a psychedelics research company focused on novel psychedelics with shorter trip times and lower risk than traditional psychedelics.  In this episode of The Integration Conversation, we discuss the risk of traditional psychedelics, what a 5HT2C agonist is, Bright Mind's NASDAQ Uplisting, and discuss why Bright Minds might be undervalued relative to its peers.  

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⏰ Timestamps:

10:00 - what are the issues with classic psychedelics?
14:30 - are psychedelics dangerous?
20:35 - what are 5-HT2C agonists?
24:45 - what is brightminds pipeline timeline?
27:00 - will bright mind's drugs require clinics?
30:00 - what does bright minds think about decriminalization?
37:30 - how will big pharma play psychedelics?
40:30 - Is Bright Minds undervalued?
42:00 - When will Bright Minds NASDAQ Uplist & what are upcoming catalysts?
46:00 - followup

Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice. Brom holds shares in Bright Minds.