Interview: Ronan Levy of Field Trip Health - Psychedelic Clinics, Novel Molecules & Field Trip Stock

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🍄 Field Trip Health is the largest publicly traded, vertically integrated psychedelics company on the market.  Field Trip has a rapidly growing network of ketamine clinics and is developing novel psychedelic molecules and digital therapeutics.  In this deep dive episode, we interview Ronan Levy, the cofounder and executive chairman of Field Trip.  Ronan tells us:

- How Field Trip stays competitive in the increasingly crowded clinic landscape  
- If Compass Pathway's aggressive patenting is a threat to Field Trip's business
- If MindMed's vision of virtual trip-sitting is realistic  
- How investors should think about psychedelic companies that aggressively promote their stock
- Why Field Trip may be undervalued relative to its peers
- And much more

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⏰ Timestamps:

0:00 - intro
3:00 - interview starts here, Field Trip overview
6:00 - how big could the Field Trip clinic network get?
7:50 - how busy are Field Trip's existing clinics?
9:00 - how does Field Trip stay competitive in the crowded clinic market?
11:00 - are in-home therapies (ala MindMed & Mind Bloom) a threat to Field Trip's clinics?
14:00 - will Field Trip offer in-home therapies?
14:45 - are Compass Pathway's patents a threat to Field Trip's clinic business?
16:45 - how will Field Trip work with insurance and bring costs to patients down?
18:50 - will psilocybin replace ketamine?  what about FT-104?
23:30 - are Field Trip's clinics profitable?
26:00 - Field Trip's psilocybin research center in Jamaica
28:00 - is natural psilocybin superior to Compass Pathway's synthetic psilocybin?
29:30 - Field Trip's novel drug research pipeline
31:30 - FT-104 approval timeline
32:40 - will FT-104 be available outside of Field Trip clinics?
33:40 - Field Trip's digital therapeutics
36:30 - are people using the "Trip" app?
37:45 - how will the "Trip" app be monetized?
39:00 - Field Trip's partnership with Whoop
40:30 - is Field Trip undervalued?  / words of caution about stock promotion campaigns in the psychedelic space
43:30 - is the psychedelic research space overcrowded?
45:30 - Ronan's closing thoughts / interview end
48:00 - Brom's post interview commentary

Disclaimer:  This video is not financial advice.  Brom holds shares in Field Trip Health, Mind Med, Cybin and Compass Pathways.