Juan Pablo Cappello - CEO of Nue Life

Mental health treatment is often inaccessible, inadequate, and ineffective. However, Nue Life is working to change this through its 360-degree approach to patient health, leveraging ketamine and the integration of tech.

Check out Nue.Life here:  https://nue.life/

⏰  Timestamps:

0:00 intro and Juan Pablo’s backstory
5:30 how Nue Life got started
11:00 the Nue Life patient experience  
20:40 the intersection of data and mental health
32:30 competition in the Ketamine landscape
37:00 is ketamine addictive?
45:00 the future of at-home ketamine and the Ryan Haight act
49:15 legal psilocybin in Oregon?
53:30 what’s next for Nue Life?