Mycrodose Therapeutics Round 2: Kavalactones, Joint Venture with Thorne, Series A and more!

Mycrodose's CEO Chad Conner and CSO Frank Kochinke return to the podcast to tell us about:

- Mycrodose's partnership with Thorne
- How kavalactones could be used for smoking cessation and weight loss
- Mycrodoses DEA license to cultivate psilocybin mushrooms
- And more!

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⏰  Timestamps:

1:30 mycrodose lab in San Diego
6:00 mycrodoses’s DEA license that allows them to cultivate mushrooms
10:30 natural vs synthetic psilocybin
13:30 Mycrodose’s joint venture with Thorne
16:30 Frank’s background
20:00 - Mycrodose’s Series A
24:00 Mycrodose’s Business Model
26:00 What does the future of Mycrodose Therapeutics look like?
31:00 from Mycro to Macro
39:30 Distribution agreement with Havn Life