Psychedelic Investing FAQ - An Overview of The Emerging Psychedelics Industry

In this episode of The Brom Podcast, Brom gives a broad overview of the psychedelic investing landscape, and addresses come common misconceptions about investing in psychedelics.

Topics Include:

- What does "investing in psychedelics" actually mean?
- How big could the psychedelics market get?
- What problems are psychedelics solving?
- What are the different sub-segments of the psychedelic industry?
- Why is now the right time to get involved in the psychedelics industry?
- Won't decriminalization destroy profits?

We answer these questions and more - enjoy 🍄

⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 - intro
5:00 - What exactly is "investing in psychedelics"?
8:00 - How is mental health currently treated?
10:00 - Mental health is trending in the wrong direction.
13:00 - How are psychedelics different?
13:45 - What types of businesses exist in the psychedelics industry?
20:00 - How to evaluate a psychedelic business?
22:30 - What business models should be avoided?
24:30 - Why is now the right time to invest in psychedelics?
27:30 - Is psychedelics just cannabis 2.0?
31:30 - Won't decriminalization destroy profits?