Psychedelic Venture Capital - Interview with Ken Belotsky and Stuart Seidman of Negev Capital

💰Invest in Brom's Psychedelic VC Fund: Negev Capital is a VC fund focused on psychedelic medicine. In this episode of The Integration Conversation, Ken Belotsky and Stuart Seidman tell us about Negev's founding, its strategy, and what it's like to run a venture fund in the psychedelics space. ❤️ Help us fund the future of psychedelic medicine at Empath Ventures: ⭐️ Become an Integration Insider and get early access to episodes: 📝 My notes on psychedelic investing: 🎧 Listen on Spotify and other podcast platforms: 🐦 brom on twitter: 🎇 Clips and other stuff on Instagram: 💌 Email: ⏰ Timestamps: 0:45 - Ken & Stuart’s backgrounds 6:00 - what is it like raising money for a Psychedelic Venture Fund? 14:00 - what is Negev’s focus? 19:30 - how do you do due diligence? 23:30 - do novel psychedelics replace the classic psychedelics in the long run? 26:30 - what are the developing trends in psychedelics? 37:30 - is there too much capital in the space?