Shroom Stock Research: 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Psychedelic Stocks like MindMed and Compass

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🍄 Wondering how to tell if a psychedelic stock is legit or full of shit?  This video describes how to research and understand both the psychedelic sector as a whole and individual psychedelic companies.  First we walk through my notes on investing in the psychedelic sector, and then look at 10 questions you should ask before investing in any psychedelic company.  We show how to use these questions to compare and contrast different psychedelic companies, and apply this methodology to Mind Medicine, Compass Pathways and Cybin.  

My notes on psychedelic investing:

Google Spreadsheet containing the 10 questions:

I made a few silly mistakes in this recording:
- when discussing the 'runway' metric, I used the word 'profit' when I should have used 'revenue' multiple times.
- i made no distinction between phase 2a and 2b clinical trials
- Compass pathways COMP360 is recruiting for phase 2b, NOT phase 3
- Usona is also in phase 2, not phase 3
- i pronounced 'entheogens' as 'enthogens'

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0:00 - intro
1:00 - why am I making this video
3:30 - disclaimer and housekeeping
4:30 - understanding the psychedelic sector
5:30 - value creation vs value capture
8:00 - opportunities in the psychedelic sector
14:25 - risks in the psychedelic sector
23:45 - timeline for fda approvals in the psychedelic sector
27:30 - resources for psychedelic investing
30:00 - commentary and projections on the psychedelic industry as a whole
38:00 - 10 questions to ask about psychedelic research companies
53:25 - analyzing MindMed
1:03:30 - comparing MindMed to Compass Pathways & Cybin
1:09:30 - what the 10 questions don't cover
1:11:00 - conclusion

Disclaimer: This presentation is not financial advice.  You should not make any investment or trading decision based on the contents of this presentation.  Do not consider anything in this presentation to be professional advice.  Brom holds long positions in MindMed, Compass and Cybin as well as other psychedelic stocks.