Todd Shapiro, CEO of Red Light Holland - Recreational Shrooms, Psychedelic VR & the Wisdom Truffle

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Todd Shapiro is the CEO of Red Light Holland ($TRIP, $TRUFF), the only publicly traded company focused on recreational psychedelics.  

In this episode of The Integration Conversation, Todd talks about the story of Red Light Holland, speculates on timelines for when Red Light Holland will be able to sell in the US, and tells us about Red Light Holland's foray into Virtual Reality and consumer products like the Wisdom Truffle.  And of course, we ask the big question:  Is Red Light Holland Undervalued?

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⏰ Timestamps:
2:15 - Todd Shapiro background
11:45 - Timeline for Red Light Holland's product being available
18:00 - Will Red Light Holland be able to sell under Oregon's Measure 109?
20:00 - Todd's take on the intersection of Virtual Reality and Psychedelics
25:30 - Red Light Holland's Wisdom Truffle
36:30 - Will Red Light Holland do Clinical Trials?
38:00 - Will Red Light Holland make alternative mushroom delivery methods?
40:00 - Merger between Red Light Holland and Mera Life Sciences
47:00 - Merger with Creso Pharma
49:00 - What's it like to work with Bruce Linton?
53:00 - When will Red Light Holland start making big $$$?
57:00 - Is Red Light Holland undervalued?
59:00 - Will Red Light Holland uplist to the NASDAQ?
1:01:00 - What are the major upcoming Catalysts for RLH?

Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice. Brom holds shares in Red Light Holland