Tom Feegel, CEO of Beond - Ending the Opiate Addiction Epidemic with Safe Ibogaine Treatment

Tom Feegel is the Founder and CEO of Beond.  Beond exists to help end the opiate addiction epidemic with safe ibogaine treatment.

In this episode Tom speaks on the severity of the opioid epidemic and explains how ibogaine assisted therapy can help heal those who are suffering from addiction.  Tom gets into his personal story, how Ibogaine helped someone in his family, the economics of addiction treatment and Beond's plans to scale into a global operation.  

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⏰  Timestamps:

0:00 - intro, the opioid epidemic and how ibogaine can help
2:45 - Beond and Tom Feegel’s story
7:00 - How Ibogaine works to treat opioid addiction
10:00 - How Beond differs from other ibogaine treatment facilities
17:30 - The Beond experience.  From preparation to integration and aftercare
21:30 - the legal landscape of Ibogaine
26:30 - the future of Ibogaine in the United States
32:00 - the economics of ibogaine assisted addiction treatment
37:00 - uses for Ibogaine outside of opioid addiction
40:00 - trauma  
42:20 - will Beond use psychedelics besides ibogaine?
45:30 - Ibogaine supply chain and sustainability
48:00 - ethics in the psychedelics industry
50:00 - how to become a client of Beond
53:00 - next-generation healthcare + outro

🚨 Disclosure: Empath Ventures is an investor in Beond.