William Padilla-Brown - Cultivating Cordyceps, Analyzing Algae & the endless Mystery of Mushrooms

🍄 Today’s guest is William-Padilla Brown.  William is a self-taught mycologist, mushroom forager, and researcher.  He’s the founder of MycoSymbiotics, a research organization focused on Fungi and Algae.  

In this episode:

- How cordyceps can inhibit HIV

- Why you should grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds

- The most over-looked functional mushroom

- How mushrooms can absorb radiation

- Fun theories about psychedelic algae

- Meta-Programming the human biocomputer

- And More!

Learn more about Will on his website: https://solo.to/permaculturepapi

Learn more about Mycosymbiotics on the website: https://mycosymbiotics.com/