Zach Haigney, Author of The Trip Report - Future Trends in the Psychedelics Industry

Zach Haigney is the author of The Trip Report, a newsIetter that covers the emerging psychedelic science, medicine, and policy landscape.  In this conversation, Zach and Brom discuss emerging trends, questions and hot topics in the psychedelics industry including:

- The lines of tension between Drug Development and Drug Policy

- Directive vs Non-Directive Psychedelic Therapy

- How Psychedelics are inverting the traditional drug development model

- What business models will emerge in psychedelics?

- Are fears about VC investment in psychedelics overstated?

- How psychedelics can be thought of as a form of hormetic therapy

- What can psychedelics be used for outside of treating mental health issues?

We also discuss The Trip Report's recent acquisition by Beckley Waves.

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